Dermatology is the branch of veterinary medicine that deals with diseases and management of the skin. The skin is the largest organ we mammals possess, and investigation into skin diseases can be challenging and lengthy, but undoubtedly very rewarding.

Veterinary surgeon - Christopher, Frimley

Christopher Probert


Christopher completed a GP certificate in Dermatology in May 2016. His particular field of interest is in treating chronic ear problems. Aided by video-otoscopy facilities at our Yateley surgery, Christopher has successfully treated middle ear diseases such as mucoid otitis media and Pseudomonas otitis.
Much of the success of treatment is dependent on regular examination of ear swab samples under the microscope to evaluate the type and number of infectious organisms present in the ear as the course of the treatment progresses.

Veterinary surgeon - Nick

Nick Tremlett


Nick has a special interest in dermatological cases, particularly the management of allergic skin disease.  We are able to offer intra-dermal allergy testing at our Wokingham & North Ascot surgeries, which can be crucial in the diagnosis of allergic skin disease, a relatively common complaint.

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