Triple Points to Tackle Ticks! Bonus Points Promotion – May & June 2017


Tick numbers are on the increase again as our weather warms up, so now is the time to take action!

Climate change and warm wet winters have been put forward as reasons for exploding tick numbers, as well as the relaxation on tick treatment on dogs coming to the UK on the Pet Passport scheme and increased numbers of dogs travelling.

Increased numbers of cases of Lyme’s disease (in people and dogs) and the potential for other tick-borne diseases to spread from Europe to the UK, mean that we need to be vigilant as pet owners.

A tick under the microscope at Bristol University Bio Sciences department. 25 April 2014

Engorged Tick

At Kynoch Vets, we have a range of topical and oral tick products available that can be used from every 4 weeks up to as long as every 12 weeks which we will recommend based on the needs of your pet.
We’re offering our Loyalty Reward Card members an exclusive promotion during May & June 2017:


Every pack of Tick Treatment* will earn Triple Loyalty Points, automatically added to your points balance.

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*selected product lines; no minimum quantity

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