Wokingham to provide 24 hour care for your pets from Monday 10th December


We know your pet can become unwell at any time. To make sure you have access to high quality care whatever the time, we have invested heavily in our Wokingham surgery and employed a team of night vets and veterinary nurses to provide 24 hour care to your pets.

Our vets are on a rota and are available until 10pm every night of the year, so contacting us in an emergency situation by that time will ensure you speak directly to one of our night duty team. After 10pm our night duty vet and vet nurse remain on the premises to provide in-patient care to all our patients throughout the night.
For emergencies after 10pm, Vets Now will still be available.

By investing in this service, our day vets can begin each working day fully rested, fresh and ready to face the day’s challenges. Similarly during the night your pet will be cared for by our night staff who aren’t working during the day too and are therefore fresh and ready to offer the best care. You can rest assured that you can phone and speak to someone without worrying about disturbing anybody.

Click the link more information regarding our Emergency Services and 24 hour Care

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