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Thank you from George

Dear Crowthorne practice   Thank you very much for seeing George the cat last Sunday as an emergency, despite him not being registered with your practice. My own vet usually runs its own in house emergency service but last Sunday was one of the rare occasions where it was outsourced to another drop in service […]


A tribute – Kiera Fairley

Karudon Kiera Kate, known as Kiera Fairley February 15th 2000 – June 1st 2015 “As a puff of black fluff With tawny paws She came into my life. Fifteen years plus My wonder dog Has walked right by my side, Always there, ever aware, Sensing every mood. I would be glad if we could Have […]


Rocky on the Road to Recovery!

Rocky, a 7 year old Shih Tzu, was suffering from a dentigerous cyst that would have required referral to a specialist centre two hours drive away, if it wasn’t for the skills and expertise of local Veterinary Surgeons at Kynoch Vets in Yateley and Crowthorne. His owner, Katie Calder, had started an online fundraising page in an […]


High praise for Keyhole Spay!

Rosie’s keyhole spay has been absolutely amazing! She was herself again in less than 24 hours and thanks to the technique we did not have to restrict her as we have in the past with our other girls. Even the minor annoyance for Rosie of the T-shirt is far preferable to an Elizabethan collar. Yes, […]


Wonder Dog Still Wagging Along

Here is an email we received regarding Kiera, who has previously featured on our website… “Dear Mark and Jonathan, I will be 15 on February 15th and in August 2007 you saved my life by performing a keyhole pericardectomy. I have to admit I am not the dog I was: my back legs give me […]


‘Wonder dog’ celebrates 14th birthday – 7 years after having life-saving keyhole surgery at Yateley

Dear Mark, Kiera forgot to send anyone a Christmas photo but she asked me to let you know that she celebrated her 14th birthday in style on 15th Feb. She is still absolutely fine though she has slowed down a fair bit ( half to 3/4 mile being the max she wants to walk and […]


Thank you from Presley

To whom it may concern My beautiful dog has been a patient at Kynoch vets for 8 years. Can I please say how happy we are with your head receptionist Jan,  and Maria and Tracey at the Easthampstead branch. They are kind, caring and very nice. Also our vet Debra is brilliant as well. Thank you […]


Fly-strike in a cat

“I just thought I would share my experience with Chris and all the staff. My beloved Golden Persian was rushed in a few months ago with the worst case of fly-strike in a wound I have ever experienced. After a cry,chat, a cup of tea and a reassuring pat on the back. I left her […]

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