Charlie’s story


This handsome chap is Charlie, in July this year he had a nasty accident which meant he desperately needed our help and here is his story:
Charlie was rushed into Kynoch Vets Frimley after his owner found him hiding in a bush, very weak and unable to stand. His temperature was dangerously low and he was going into shock. Charlie was treated as an emergency by Christopher at Frimley and his nursing team, who worked very hard to stabilise a very poorly Charlie.

He was then referred to Kynoch Vets Crowthorne for further investigation and it was identified via ultrasound that he had a ruptured bladder; this is a life threatening condition where the bladder is perforated causing urine to leak into the abdominal cavity, resulting in the patient needing emergency surgery.

During surgery his bladder was repaired, fluid drained and his abdomen flushed out with sterile saline, this was to help reduce the risk of infection from the urine leaking out of the bladder. Charlie was well looked after during and after his surgery by Nadia Mongelli and her nursing team at Crowthorne.

Once out of surgery Charlie was placed into the oxygen chamber to help increase his body temperature and allow for constant observation by the nurses (who had grown very attached to this brave little man), Charlie was at this stage still critical. He did however receive visitors; his very worried owners, who provided bedside support for their brave little guy!

The next morning, much to the nurse’s delight, Charlie was doing well; he was comfortable and purring away. We did have to syringe feed him as he did not want to eat himself. It was important to get Charlie eating to help his recovery, healing time and general convalescent period. Once Charlie was eating he was able to go home.

As you can see from the pictures Charlie is doing brilliantly and his owner reports “Despite his patches of shorter fur post surgery he is back to his cheeky, playful and active self”.
It was our pleasure to look after Charlie and we are thrilled with the happy outcome.

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