Did you know acupuncture can be used in cats as well as dogs?


Many people are aware that acupuncture can be used in dogs and we see numerous patients on a regular basis for a number of different medical conditions such as arthritis, back pain and irritable bowel disease.

However, it is not only dogs that can benefit from acupuncture. Cats benefit from it too and also tolerate having needles placed surprisingly well.

Two of our feline patients that are benefiting from acupuncture at the moment are “George” and “DJ”. Both George and DJ were brought in by their respective owners after they had noticed that they were not jumping as well as they used too. On examination by the vet, both cats were found to have significant back pain with George also showing signs of constipation and DJ exhibiting pain in his knee.
cat having acupuncture
George and DJ were referred to our vet, Debra Curson and Carrie Aldham (Head Nurse at Crowthorne) to start a course of acupuncture to see if it would help them to return to their previous levels of activity and comfort. A typical acupuncture treatment plan starts with an initial visit with Debra for assessment and their first session, then once a week visits for 4-6 weeks with Carrie followed by reassessment with Debra. Depending on the individual case we then repeat acupuncture every 2-4 weeks or as often as required to maintain comfort and activity.
tabby cat having acupuncture
In both George and DJ’s cases, they have exhibited a huge improvement in the level of their activity, returning to jumping and climbing and we have seen a significant improvement in their toileting habits too – constipation can actually be present as a result of back pain!

If you are thinking that perhaps your cat isn’t as active as they used to be and would like to have a chat about whether acupuncture could benefit them, please give Debra (at North Ascot and Crowthorne) or Carrie (at Crowthorne) a call.

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