Kynoch Vets Yateley celebrates 1000th Keyhole Spay Milestone


This October, the 1000th keyhole spay at Kynoch Vets was performed by the team at our Yateley surgery. The special milestone 1000th pet was Rosie, a young Bulldog, owned by Mrs Gillham, a client of our Wokingham surgery. Rosie was particularly special because she was no ordinary pet…

At her routine pre-operation appointment with Jonathan, a heart murmur was discovered, despite the fact that she was showing no visible symptoms of ill health. She was immediately referred internally to one of our heart specialists, Andrew Francis, who diagnosed a narrowing of the main artery to the lungs (pulmonary stenosis) which was causing changes to her heart.

Andrew was present on the day of Rosie’s operation to make sure that the anaesthetic went smoothly and in case any problems arose due to her heart condition. Together with advanced monitoring equipment, and the attention of Andrew and the nursing team, Rosie’s anaesthetic proceeded uneventfully. Following the minimally-invasive procedure, Rosie was back on her feet in no time. She has had her check-up since her operation and we’re pleased to report that she was back to her normal self by the next day.

Jonathan Spurgeon ( left) one of the partners and our laparoscopic surgeon, and Andrew Francis our specialist cardiologist pose with Harriet edge, a student nurse, and Rosie our 1000th keyhole spay

Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery has come a long way since the first human appendix was removed in 1983, followed by the first human gall bladder surgery in 1985. The surgeon who proposed to do these procedures laparoscopically was ordered to have a brain scan by his colleagues as they thought he was crazy!

Now considered ‘gold-standard’ for a number of procedures in both human and veterinary medicine, laparoscopic surgery is used by forward-thinking surgeons to help minimise pain and shorten recovery times for our loved ones.

Jonathan and the team presented Mrs Gillham with a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers in celebration of this milestone in keyhole surgery at Kynoch Vets

We have been offering this high level of service at our Yateley surgery for over 10 years and we hope that thousands more of our patients will benefit over the years to come.

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