Rocky on the Road to Recovery!


Rocky, a 7 year old Shih Tzu, was suffering from a dentigerous cyst that would have required referral to a specialist centre two hours drive away, if it wasn’t for the skills and expertise of local Veterinary Surgeons at Kynoch Vets in Yateley and Crowthorne. His owner, Katie Calder, had started an online fundraising page in an attempt to gather the £1500 she had been quoted for the surgical procedure. However, Head Vet at Kynoch Vets Yateley, Jonathan Spurgeon, stumbled upon his story on a local community online page, and decided to intervene. Rocky has since had the technically challenging surgery (at a fraction of the estimated cost) and his owner is delighted! “I’m so grateful. If only I’d known that we have such brilliant vets so close… I cannot put into words what this means and I’m forever in (their) debt”

Rocky and Katie

Rocky with his owner, Katie Calder

Dentigerous cysts are by definition fluid-filled cysts surrounding the crown of an unerupted tooth. They are particularly common in small breeds of dogs, especially those with short noses (brachycephalic) due to dental crowding.  Unerupted or embedded teeth are often found within these oral cysts.  The cysts are benign, however, as they expand and grow from continuous fluid secretion, they can cause severe local destruction of bone, periodontal tissues and teeth.

The only treatment is surgery. It can be very tricky, especially when important nerves are nearby, and bone and tissue need to be cut to remove the cyst. The entire lining of the cyst must be removed, or the cyst will likely return.

Phil Timm performed the delicate surgery on Rocky, and was very pleased with how well he responded. By the next day he was eating and drinking fine, and most importantly, ‘smiling’ which means that there was no damage to his facial nerve.


Rocky, at home after his facial surgery

Rocky looking up

Things are ‘looking up’ for Rocky!



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