The Tale of Tysie – and the wound that wouldn’t go away!


Tysie is a lovely ginger and white semi-longhaired cat owned by the Brennan family in Aldershot, and this is his story.

Tysie the cat

He was hit by a car in Oct 2016 and was seen Out of Hours at our Crowthorne surgery by our duty vet, Andrew A’Court. He suffered a severe graze to his left back leg exposing bone and tendons. He also dislocated his right hip and fractured his left femur. Andrew stabilised Tysie and administered immediate pain relief and treatment for shock.


Tysie was then referred to our Easthampstead branch where Head Vet, David Potter, assessed him and after discussion with his owners, made the decision to perform bilateral Femoral Head and Neck Excision surgery. Orthopaedic surgeon, Phil Timm, performed the surgery and treated the grazed skin on his leg by attempting to salvage what little skin was left.

Over the ensuing months, Tysie was a model patient and returned frequently for checkups and bandage changes. He would lie very patiently on the consult table and allow his leg to be cleaned, disinfected and rebandaged week by week. He had multiple bandage changes to allow his skin to heal, but it became clear that a large defect would not heal by itself, so Head Vet at our Frimley branch, Christopher Probert, advised that he have a skin graft procedure.

Tysie was anaesthetised and a patch of healthy skin harvested from the side of his chest. This skin was then prepared for suturing to the wound bed. The wound could not be touched or moved for several days post-operatively, so Tysie had yet another bandage placed, this time with a splint in it. bandage with splint

At his first bandage change, the wound still looked pretty bad, but Christopher had said that it may look worse before it began to get better. By the third bandage change things were looking a lot better and the graft was deemed a success. Over the ensuing weeks, Tysie continued to improve and finally was free of a bandage 5 months after the initial injury.

See a time-lapse video of his wound healing here (warning – graphic!)

We saw Tysie back recently, and were very pleased to see he didn’t even have any scars on his leg, although if you look really closely, the hair is slightly longer where he had the graft!

long hair on leglong hair

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