Tigger’s story


Everyone meet Tigger and this is his story!

Everything is better with food

He was rushed into our Crowthorne branch by his owner after he managed to drag himself home and through his cat flap and even though he was unable to use his back legs. He was promptly triaged by the nurses and given immediate first aid care.

To prevent Tigger going further into shock and to raise his body temperature, he was placed into our oxygen tent. It was suspected that Tigger had been hit by a car. Nadia and her nursing team worked tirelessly on stabilising Tigger to be ready for x-rays the following day.

X-rays revealed that Tigger had in fact fractured his pelvis and suffered a tail-pull injury. This is when, as the name suggests, the tail is pulled and usually happens by being trapped and as a result broken or dislocated, damaging the nerves. Our main concern was to ensure Tigger had a functioning bladder, because if he did not, he would need a cystotomy tube placed directly into the bladder and his tail amputated. Tigger was placed on cage rest, monitoring and plenty of nurse cuddles!

Tigger resting in his padded out kennel

After careful monitoring and nursing care Tigger unfortunately did not regain the function of his bladder, so a cystotomy tube was placed by Nadia and he had his tail amputated as planned. From this point on Tigger had his bladder tube drained twice daily, medications daily, regular physiotherapy throughout the day to encourage the use of his legs and he was bathed and cuddled (a lot by our head nurse who had developed a huge soft spot for him!)

Cuddle time!

Tigger went home two and a half weeks after he was admitted and his owners then showed amazing dedication and love as they continued to empty his bladder for him at home via his tube and monitor his toileting habits. This did involve them getting through a lot of towels, as well as constant cuddles and cleaning him up!!

Arriving home

We are pleased to say that nearly a year after his accident Tigger is doing extremely well at home! He goes out in the garden in his harness; he no longer needs a tube and is able to toilet on his own…with only a few mishaps!

Out in the garden with his harness

We wish Tigger all the best in his continued recovery and the nurses look forward to seeing him at his regular nail clip appointments!

It’s hard work all this recuperation!

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