Who do you call in an emergency?


This information could save your pet’s life!
We understand that dealing with an emergency situation can be very stressful, but know that being prepared beforehand can make a real difference.
Sometimes, it may be that you’re not sure if it is a real emergency or not. If that’s the case, try using our Online Symptom Checker tool on the Vet Help Direct website.
You’re still welcome to give us a call for any advice, and to make sure you get to the right person straight away, we’ve drawn up the following table, which you can print and keep on your fridge to keep it handy.

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To use the guide – all you need to know is the DAY and TIME.

First find the correct DAY column. Then find the current TIME row and follow this across until you reach the correct DAY column. Where they intersect will be who you need to call. The contact numbers are listed below the table. NOTE – if it is a BANK HOLIDAY use the SUNDAY column.

For further information regarding our Out of Hours services see our Emergency Services page, where you can download handy guides to Emergency/First Aid Care for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits. There are also maps to the nearest Vets Now clinics which operate between 10pm and 8am each night.

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