Arrange a Referral

External Referrals

We want to make referral as easy as possible for you and offer a number of options for a seamless and efficient referral. If you are not a client of Kynoch Vets, we will require that your primary veterinary surgeon refers your pet to us via the following means:

  • Telephone

For appointments and general queries about referral, please call the relevant clinic on the telephone numbers at the top or side of this page.

  • Fax

Download the printable Referral Form and fill in the sections of the form under the yellow headings.

  • Email

The Referral Form can also be filled in and returned by email to any of the surgeries via their own email addresses.

Internal Referrals

If you already are a client of Kynoch Vets and are being referred internally, you will be able to make an appointment with the relevant clinic directly. Your pet’s clinical records are already linked and your own vet will make contact with the referral vet to discuss your case. Please check if your pet needs to be fasted for the referral appointment. In many cases, your pet will be admitted for further tests or treatment and may require sedation or anaesthetic. In these instances, your pet will probably spend the day at the referral clinic and appropriate arrangements will need to be made for collecting your pet later in the day.

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