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The heartwarming tale of little Leo the Lionheart

Leo, a kitten with a life-threatening heart condition was referred to see Mark Oakley at Kynoch Vets Yateley. Without advanced surgical intervention his condition would mean a very short life for him. However, due to the skill and care of Mark and David Potter at our Easthampstead surgery, things have turned out quite differently for him. […]


Wonder Dog Still Wagging Along

Here is an email we received regarding Kiera, who has previously featured on our website… “Dear Mark and Jonathan, I will be 15 on February 15th and in August 2007 you saved my life by performing a keyhole pericardectomy. I have to admit I am not the dog I was: my back legs give me […]


Laparoscopic Pericardial Window Operation Performed at Kynoch Vets Yateley

“Hobson” a lovely 8 year old Golden Retriever underwent thoracic surgery this week to treat an abnormal build-up of fluid between the heart and the sack (pericardium) in which it sits. If left untreated this fluid would have built up and eventually stopped his heart from beating. Keyhole thoracic surgery was performed to remove a […]

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