‘Wonder dog’ celebrates 14th birthday – 7 years after having life-saving keyhole surgery at Yateley


Dear Mark,
Kiera forgot to send anyone a Christmas photo but she asked me to let you know that she celebrated her 14th birthday in style on 15th Feb. She is still absolutely fine though she has slowed down a fair bit ( half to 3/4 mile being the max she wants to walk and that at a plod unless she smells deer or pheasants or rabbits, when she is able to put on a spurt of speed) and of course we are often asked what sort of dog she is on account of the fact that she is no longer Black and Tan but rather a faded fawn and grey.

As you know, we are all so very grateful to you and Jonathan, because without your expertise and care we would have lost her 7 years ago.

As ever thank you and all the best

Sheila, Graeme and Kiera Fairley
photo 1photo 2photo 3
Kiera had a thoracoscopy and pericardectomy (a minimally invasive operation to remove a part of the sac surrounding her heart with the use of keyhole surgical equipment) in 2007, to treat a condition called idiopathic pericardial effusion which could have proved fatal.

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